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The rules and expectations detailed below are important to the success of the Beavercreek Lacrosse Club and each specific lacrosse team in the club. 

Please become familiar with the content.

General Guidelines for PLAYERS and PARENTS:

1.  Alcohol or drug use at any time or any place will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate expulsion from the team.  Any player using drugs will be expelled from the team.

2.  Abusive language, disobeying coaches, theft, dishonesty, unsafe behavior, and fighting are not acceptable at any time and players will be disciplined or will be expelled from the team.

3.  You are expected to support sportsmanship in lacrosse both on and off the field.  Parents and other supporters must show this same respect at all our lacrosse games as well.  Beavercreek Lacrosse Club has the right to expel any player or parent from the organization for failure to show proper sportsmanship at all times.

4.  Your school work takes priority.  Plan your time so you can keep your commitment to your lacrosse team while doing your best at school.



1.  You should have all your equipment on and ready to start practice at the appointed time.  Late arrival disrupts practice and is unfair to your teammates and coaches.

2.  Attendance at practices will be monitored and will affect your playing time in games.  If you cannot attend practice, please try to call or email your coach ahead of time.

3.  You should plan on staying for the entire practice.  If you must leave early, notify a coach before you leave. 

4.  You are responsible for bringing your own water or sports beverage to every practice and game.

5.  Roughhousing and goofing off disrupts practice and such behavior will be disciplined (running laps, push-ups, etc. )

6.  At games you are expected to show the highest standard of sportsmanship.  Neither opponents nor officials will be taunted or harassed in any way.  No one except the coach should say anything to the referees during the game.  No "trash talking" to opponents on or off the field will be tolerated. 

7.  You are responsible for your own trash and are expected to help keep the fields clean.  This includes our fields and our opponents' fields.